Grace Divine
  from the chapter - Embodiment of All Divine Virtues and Excellencies

s the Diwan was coming to a close and it was time for Mahan Babaji to get up and leave, an intense desire, a deep urge sprang from my heart and with that desire and urge I started praying to my beloved Babaji, "If you are the knower of all hearts, let me pay homage at your holy feet by pressing, touching and kissing them". I was seated in the front row. As Babaji passed by, He stopped in front of me. I instantly caught hold of His holy feet and placing my head thereupon started passionately kissing them. Bhai Rattan Singh Ji of Kaleran shouted at me, "O young Lad, what are you doing"? But all Merciful Babaji stopped him with a signal of His hand. After I had fully satisfied my inner desire and urge, Babaji cast a most benign and benevolent gaze at me and moved on.

I only later learnt that Babaji never permitted anyone to touch His feet.

This event became the mainstay of my life, my sustenance and anchor.

He departed from His principles because of His unlimited Grace and Mercy upon me. He was to soon depart physically from this earthly World and He did not want to deprive me of His Mercy and compassion, Babaji was omniscient and Antarjami and He had gone out of the way to satisfy, to meet a yearning prayer from my heart.

When I had finished with my homage I looked up. I still remember with utmost gratitude of my whole life that fathomless look of Grace, Love and Mercy in His Holy Eyes cast on me then.

When I looked up I found His lotus eyes focussed and riveted on mine and from those holy eyes ensued forth torrents of Grace overwhelming me completely with spiritual delight which I cannot describe in words. I can only say that soul stirring and wonderous gaze of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj filled me with Grace and Bliss which continues to still envelop me even after a lapse of forty eight years. If I continue to feel enveloped and surcharged with spirituality I owe it in all humility and gratitude to that wonderous gaze still holding me fast in its holy folds.


  Author - Brigadier Partap Singh Jaspal (Retd.)
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taken from the chapter - Embodiment of All Divine Virtues and Excellencies

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