Development of Guru Consciousness
  from the chapter - Paragon of Devotion to Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Always Behold the Divine Satguru. Concentrate, train, regulate your eyes on the Beloved Satguru till you start beholding that Divine form in your heart and in every one, every where. Always beholding the Divine Guru, the eyes become divine and then start beholding the Divine in every one, every where. Perception, internal and external, becomes wholesale divine. Mind and body are then devoted wholesale in loving meditation and service of the Beloved Guru.

Sing and recite the Glory of God and the Divine Name. Participation in holy Kirtan and repetition of the Divine Name intensifies the Divine fervour.

Hear the Holy Gurbani and Kirtan. Hear the Divine Music and the Divine Melody of Sacred Hymns.

Take and taste that food and water which has been offered to the Beloved Satguru first and has been sanctified. This is called Viveki Parshad. One cultivates Devotion, Prema, faith by eating only that food which has been offered to Satguru first. This Holy Parshad purifies the mind and sanctifies the whole being, it enlightens the inner being.

Sleep always in the lap of the Beloved Satguru. Rest as the ray rests in the Sun. Remember God with love by reciting His Divine Name while going to sleep and as you get up hold fast again His Lotus Feet and recite His Divine Name. Remember God when you go to sleep and remember God when you get up. It sanctifies the whole sleep. Rest and sleep as the ray rests in the Sun, as the drop rests in the ocean. Rest as a devoted child in the Divine Lap of the Beloved Guru. Never forget to remember the Satguru while going to sleep and when rising from sleep.

While taking bath, take a dip in Sacred Amrit Sarovar, in the Charan-Amrit of the Beloved Guru with your mind established in the Divine.

Thus utilize all the senses and the body in loving remembrance and true service of the Beloved Satguru.

Body should be kept constantly engaged in the service of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and in journeying to pay homage at shrines of God.

Such blessed Gurmukhs see, hear, speak, eat, drink, sleep, serve and live, all in Guru Consciousness. What a blessed state. They consciously live in the Divine as they have taken a deep plunge into the Divine. A true sikh lives every breath of his life in Guru consciousness.

  Ik Noon Dhiao
Ik Noon Dekho
lk De Ban Jao
  Baba Narinder Singh Ji  

This is the way to offer one-self unto the Guru, the body, the mind, the possessions and live in conscious obedience to His Will.

  Ghat Bolo, Bolan Vich Barey Paap Ho Jandey Han  
  Baba Narinder Singh Ji  

In indiscreet and excessive talking one may commit many sins, consciously or unconsciously. One may indulge in lies and backbiting. Useless and irrelevant talk may result in wastage of most precious breaths. Talk as little as possible. It is only in excessive talking that one enters into slanderous talk and may injure other's feeling.

Observance of discreet silence is highly rewarding in spiritual progress. A mind reduced to silence gets easily absorbed in God.


  Author - Brigadier Partap Singh Jaspal (Retd.)
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taken from the chapter - Paragon of Devotion to Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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