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b`JI rUh audoN q`k ies kYd ivcoN nhIN Cu`t skdI
jdoN q`k ieh Awpxw pswirAw haumY dw pYNfw,
Awpxy Awp Awpxy gly mVI haumY dI Xwqrw
qYA nhIN kr lYNdI qy AwpxI Asl mMizl
‘qUM’ q`k nhIN phuMc jWdI[
bwbw nirMdr isMG jI
The bound soul (imprisoned soul) is only liberated
when it has all covered the self-spread distance,
self-imposed journey of 'I' ego
and reached the ultimate Point 'Thou'.

Baba Narinder Singh Ji