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ijs ic`TI au~qy TIk pqw iliKAw hovy,
auh Awpxy itkwxy qy phuMc jWdI hY,
qy ibnW pqy vwlI jW glq pqy vwlI ic`TI rul jWdI hY[
ausy qrHW ijhVy suAwsW au~qy gurU nwnk swihb dw nwm iliKAw hovy,
auh aunHW dy crn-kmlW ivc phuMc jWdy hn
Aqy bwkI suAws aus ibnW pqy vwlI qy glq pqy vwlI
ic`TI vWg rul jWdy hn[
bwbw nMd isMG jI mhwrwj
As a letter correctly addressed reaches its destination
and a blank letter or an incorrectly addressed one gets lost,
similarly breaths addressed and spent in the loving devotion,
memory, love, worship of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib land at His Lotus Feet
and those spent in the pursuit of perishable objects get perished.

Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj