Supreme Caretaker
  from the chapter - Repository of Infinite Divine Powers

he Lord personally attends to the requirements and needs of His True Devotees.

A Devotee awake in the Vision of the Lord, always established in Nam Ras, has no time to worry about worldly matters. Such a devotee totally absorbed in God is well looked after by Him in every respect.

Baba Ji was Tre-Gun-Atit; always established in God. He had transcended the three Gunas of Maya.

With total surrender, one comes under total charge of the Lord. Every moment of the life of a devotee becomes the responsibility of the Supreme Caretaker. God sports in him and it is through him that God reveals Himself to the world.

Pointing Towards His Body:

  Eh Sharir (Body) Guru Nanak Da Hai
Us De Hukam Vich Hi Vicharda Hai
  Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj  

A young boy who was accompanying the sangat for the first time to Mahan Babaji happened to fall between the raised platform and the moving train at a railway station and was dragged by the heavy wheel of the moving train for a long distance before it was brought to a halt. The members of the sangat were in a state of utter shock and depression over the sudden unfortunate incident of the boy having been crushed to certain death. But they were amazed and wonderstruck to see the boy emerging out safe, hale and hearty from underneath the halted train. At the time of bath by Mahan Baba ji, Hazuria (personal attendant) was amazed to discover wheel marks and injuries around the body of Mahan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.

Once Babaji in a Divine mood told that from the very moment anyone sets out towards Him, his whole care and protection is His responsibility. Miraculous saving from certain death is a common experience with many devotees.

  Charan Saran Gur Ek Painda Jaye Chal
Satgur Kot Painda Agey Hoey Leit Hai
  Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj  

A true saint never likes to change the process and course of Nature, the process and course of destiny, but takes upon himself the sufferings of devotees. As their incarnation is not subject to Karma theory, no suffering or disease can affect or touch them unless it has been voluntarily taken upon from others. To lighten the earth of its burdens, the Great Redeemers take upon them- selves the sins of the world.

Disease or suffering cannot otherwise affect a physical body, each pore of which vibrates in the eternal glory of Nam, a physical body, seven crore pores (romes) of which stand glorified in the Glorious Name of the Lord.


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taken from the chapter - Repository of Infinite Divine Powers

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