Devotional Music and Salami with Band
Band Salami (A Pioneer)
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taken from the chapter - Baba Narinder Singh Ji

aba Narinder Singh Ji was a pioneer in offering his homage in yet another unique manner. On the auspicious occasions of Annual Samagams of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj in August every year when hundreds of Akhand paths are simultaneously recited in Mahan Babajiís sacred memory and when lakhs of devotees visit Nanaksar to pay their homage, Baba Narinder Singh Ji arranged PAP Pipers and Brass Bands to offer salutations to his Supreme Monarch, Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.

Bands used to play devotional music for hours and Baba Narinder Singh Ji offered Band salami at Bara Dari, SachKhand, Chhota Thath and lastly in front of the Bara Thath. With thousands of devotees around, it used to be a touching and angelic vision. It was a collective homage, sajda and salute to the Lord.

His call to Mahan Babaji used to be direct and personal, a face-to-face conversation and prayer. Everyone present experienced the Divine presence of Mahan Babaji. Baba Narinder Singh Jiís holy words of deep love instantly set ablaze the fire of Virha in every heart and devotees used to profusely weep and cry.

A salutation should be rightly presented to the supreme Monarch, Supreme Sovereign of countless worlds. Satgur Sache Patsha is the true Supreme Monarch and presentation of Salami at His Lotus Feet is but the least a mortal can offer.

It was a most fascinating treat to hear his yearning call to his beloved Master, his sole, grand and supreme Lord. As the call welled from the glory and purity of his very soul, it filled every heart with rare expectations and peace of mind. At that very moment of his divine call, tears would start rolling down every cheek. That in itself was a sure sign of the gracious appearance of the Lord, to receive the offer of pure love and salami from His most beloved son. Many blessed souls used to envision the soul-stirring holy scene and later joyfully narrated their experiences. Invariably, all the holy details would tally.

Worldly dignitaries arrive at the appointed time and on their arrival, salute is given to the accompaniment of the Band. But in this case, father would call his Lord with such passionate humility and intense yearning that he would set ablaze the fire of Virha in every heart. In response to fatherís cry of the soul, the Mahan Babaji would manifest His holy presence and then would follow a direct, intensely personal and face-to-face holy prayer for the offer of humble salutation, which would make everyone experience the intimate Divine presence of the Lord, as a result of which members of the congregation would profusely weep and cry.

All those who were blessed with the sight of this holy communion would break down with tears flowing on every face, and the whole atmosphere, the whole place would vibrate with the Divine presence of the Lord.

These were all the ecstatic outpourings of a full-souled lover of Mahan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.



  from the chapter - Baba Narinder Singh Ji

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